Insights from my reflections


I’m distracted by shiny objects more often than I care to admit. Sometimes they are proverbial shiny objects and sometimes literal ones. Regardless, I’ve become aware of the tendency and how it affects my work. Even after all these years of owning my own business, I’m still learning. This week, I’d like to share some insights from my reflections.

1.      Alignment matters more than anything else.

The world (and internet) is filled with people trying to tell me how to do my business better. How to get more clients. How to get more leads. How to make more money. Pretty much, how to do just about everything related to running my business better than I already do.

What the world (and internet) is sorely lacking are people willing to actually have a conversation with me to learn whether or not I’m even interested in all that stuff. And if I am, why? And what would work best for me, given my values, my style, and my goals?

I had an epiphany, thanks primarily to Mike Diaz, that I don’t need a shiny new approach. I need to lean into what I’m already comfortable and good at doing. I have, and it’s already working. Why? Because alignment matters more than anything else.

2.      Getting and staying grounded is critical.

When I was a community organizer, we were required to write weekly reports. They were more about reflecting on the work than just listing the tasks completed. However, there was some important accountability value in them, too.

No one requires me to write those reports now. And it shows. I’m like the shoemaker’s daughter going barefoot. I’ve allowed my own bucket to become empty. I have put several appointments with myself into my calendar for this year where I will be fully available for my own reflection, evaluation, and grounding. Because getting and staying grounded is critical.

3.      Trusting my own instincts can save me if I follow them.

I will celebrate 18 years in business this spring. I haven’t gotten this far just by luck. Sometimes I suffer a crisis of confidence that leaves me questioning everything. But when I make the space and time to reflect, I’m able to take an emotional step back. Instead of questioning my abilities, I question why I’m feeling that way. I question whether it’s a valid feeling rooted in experience. I question my assumptions. Trusting my own instincts can save me if I follow them.

What do you need to do to gain insights of your own? Just because the new year has begun doesn’t mean it’s too late. Schedule some time for your own reflections today.

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