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Ellen Patnaude, Patnaude Coaching
I Thought You Knew...

I Thought You Knew…

Ellen Patnaude, an Executive and Communication Coach with more than two decades of experience, reveals her insights about how and why we project our own fears and beliefs onto others. She candidly shares the mistakes she’s made in her career and life, and offers simple, clear ideas on how to have the hard conversations that lead to more effective everyday interactions.

You're Not Doing It Right

You’re Not Doing It Right

“You’re Not Doing It Right”: Loving My Mother Through An Unpredictable Caregiving Journey is a memoir. I know my experience was my own, but I also know that it isn’t all that unique. Every caregiver I’ve ever met has stories of feeling badly about losing patience, lashing out, or feeling inadequate. I share my story in hopes that you will feel less alone.