Success Stories

Ellen Patnaude, Patnaude Coaching

At Patnaude Coaching, we specialize in transforming workplace communication, fostering a more collaborative and efficient environment. Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable improvements in their professional interactions.

What I love about working with Ellen Patnaude as a business coach is her ability to shine a light on unseen obstacles to action and bring clarity. She is an inspiring, energizing speaker, talented trainer and consultant who gives her all to her clients. I highly recommend Ellen as a partner to help bring about the growth you want to see in your business.

Jayne B., Marketing Monsoon

Coaching with you has been a very enlightening experience. I appreciate very much the generosity and passion you bring to it. That is a very intense and powerful driver for me. Your intelligence and professionalism are two additional ingredients fundamental for supporting me in my development.

The very straightforward feedback and direct approach motivate me in achieving my ultimate goal which is my evolution. You have helped me find success in improving my conflict management and communication skills through identifying and stopping habits which were hurting me. You help me create beneficial strategies which serve me better and help me find success. My self-confidence has grown and I feel a greater sense of overall inner balance.

I am so happy to have found a coach like you!

Stefania G., International Organization Official

Ellen is supporting me to be a better manager, employee and human being through:

Knowing myself — With Ellen’s insight, I am much more aware of my own capacities, strengths and ‘preferred ways of working’.  This makes me realize why I communicate in the way I do, and helps me understand how my preferred style impacts others.

Making the most — Ellen speaks to the inner me.  She has made me think about my strengths, what makes me tick and why I do what I do.  I cannot become a different person, colleague or manager – but insight into who I am and what I do best helps me see what ways I might adapt myself to engage better with colleagues (above and below).

In it together — I regularly share with Ellen that what I need is an instruction manual for all of my colleagues, telling me which buttons to push to get the right cooperation.  Alas, Ellen informs me it’s not so simple. Using the AccuMax Index tool, Ellen has given me a real understanding who my direct reports are as human beings – with all the people stuff they bring with them to the office.


Patnaude Coaching facilitated a fun and interactive team building event with our ROWE shareholders. It was very informative and the hands-on activities with the animals reinforced the discussion points in innovative ways. The feedback we received from our ownership team was that it was one of the best exercises we’ve ever participated in as a group!

Leanne P., Rowe Professional Services

Ellen is very passionate and knowledgeable about teaching leadership and team building. Hers is a unique and out of the box approach that allows the teachings to stay with you, long after the sessions are over. Highly recommended!

Brian B., Bundeson Real Estate Team

Thanks for a great session yesterday. The feedback was positive. Tom was really impressed with your skills and the overall structure of the event.  We are having fun in the office this morning with our newfound information.

Annie W., Metcom

You and Danielle have wonderful loving and supporting energies and you were great at encouraging people to speak-up and providing clear feedback. I particularly loved the “translation” of the horses’ behavior. Any personalized feedback regarding how a horse behaves towards a specific person is magical to me. It’s such a powerful and unique tool for bringing awareness.

My personal take is that working with horses really develops trust in yourself, gentle/inspirational leadership as well as a feeling of faith in the horse and the people you are working with. It’s just brilliant.

Ceara M., Program Participant

I really valued the way we experienced things first, and THEN had the discussion. Excellent take-aways. Outstanding and way beyond my expectations!

Oana P., Fedco

High-quality program—very worthwhile. I actually learned some skills to make me a better leader, which surprised me. I really enjoyed your passion and enthusiasm!

Bill K., Melling Corporation

One of the toughest (yet rewarding) aspects of running a company is working on the business, rather than just in it. Ellen’s concise and enthusiastic take on professional development and leadership coaching has helped me immensely towards that end.

Beyond her sincere professionalism and extensive knowledge, she brings the invaluable skill of honing in on problem areas and creating a consistent plan of action for the long term. One of her strongest qualities is a straight shooter mentality that cuts to the chase and leads to real personal and professional growth.

Alex R., Attome Web Development

Ellen is great to work with, she is well organized and sees the big picture. She is an excellent communicator and knows how to work as a team player. She loves working with groups and people enjoy her sense of humor!

Ann-Marie G., The Leader’s Institute

I found Ellen to be very personable, honest and a true pleasure to partner with when she hosted our team’s Team Building event – “Build a Bike”. She was meticulous in planning the event (to the minute!) and catered according to our specific needs. I would work with Ellen again in a second!

Valerie S., Cisco

Ellen is a very organized and capable leader and speaker. She has always conducted herself with exemplarily professionalism. I would recommend Ellen for any position of leadership or as a speaker or consultant.

Bill R., The Leader’s Institute

Ellen reorganized our Rebuilding Together Oakland County board to be able to expand our service and grow our organization. Still produces an outstanding newsletter for us!

Jerry M., Rebuilding Together Oakland County

Ellen was the organizations first executive director and made an immediate positive impact working with the board to improve our productivity and effectiveness. Ellen is a self-starter and has very strong oral and written communications skills. She focuses on building relationships meeting with all board members to get to know them as individuals and understand their skills, abilities and personal priorities. Within months the board was restructured and operating more effectively.

Dan H., Rebuilding Together Oakland County

I am not someone who usually participates in workshops and found myself doing so more that normal. I found value in seeing how others on the team process information and how to best address situations going forward.

Employee, Ciranda

I really appreciated the professionalism of the entire coaching process. From the discovery session to the last session, there was a sincere level of “no judgment” and authentic caring level.

At times, it was difficult for me to articulate my feelings in the moment. Ellen asked some very powerful questions. Since I am an introvert, I tend to think about issues hours later. This happened here. But this was okay. I was able to “unpack” some issues that I have never done… ever.

I looked at my issues through one lens. With Ellen I was able to reflect and think of things from a different perspective.

When Ellen asked me if she could make an observation, Bull’s eye! I needed someone other than myself to “look” at the situation and steer me from my foggy insight.

Everyone could use a coach to partner with at some point in their life. A coach can help a client to see what is really going on by asking impactful questions.

Julianne P., The JHP Consulting Group

Ellen has been my coach during my transition to a leadership position, where I am responsible for a team of 10 people. She guides me to identify, structure and address the gaps in my development as well as connect my leadership style to my team. I appreciate her open and honest approach as well as soft push & pull to get results without providing the ‘solution’ (easy way out) – that is something I have to come to on my own. We connect on a weekly basis which makes it easy to assess progress, address blocking points and identify together alternatives (solutions). Highly recommended.


For the past 15 years, I followed many professional trainings to raise my skills and performance at work. This increased my confidence, built my work-capacity and self-awareness to work effectively in teams.

In just 6 months of coaching with Ellen, I moved one step further. I feel like Ellen helped free the potential in me. Ellen empowered me to find my inner strength. Coaching takes you to a deeper level of learning & definitely boosts motivation.


Ellen challenged me to step up my business game. As a solopreneur, it’s easy to get caught up in paralysis by analysis while always getting distracted by the newest shiny opportunity. Ellen helped shake me out of my creative/entrepreneurial ADD and add some focus to what I was doing. I’m really grateful for her ability to do this in a no-nonsense manner. Put the I can’t do this / it’s too hard / way. Ellen means business and that can only mean good things for your business!

George P., Brainstream Creative

It was a phenomenal experience and the feedback has been extraordinarily positive from everyone I have talked to after the event.  Both the “team building” component and the community service opportunity were exceptional.  Ellen was terrific!  She provided a highly engaging set of exercises (and some refreshing and honest insights) for our team members and I am certain everyone walked away more aware of themselves and their teammates.

The opportunity to engage with the kids and the folks from the YMCA was equally rewarding.  The children were wonderful.  The opportunity to interact with them and get to understand them at least a little (even the shy ones!) was as priceless as the joy on their faces as they rode those bikes around our courtyard.

I cannot thank you enough for helping to make this happen.

Cathy L., RHIA, Director, HCV Performance Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield

It was a pleasure meeting you and honored to have you as my coach. I had a very successful workshop last week. I tried to implement the skills you had taught me during the session. Especially, the question — “what is your biggest fear about estate planning” – was a hit!! Lots of engaging conversation with the group.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your help and know that you are appreciated.

Esther A., Attorney

They had the best time! At breakfast this morning I got to talk to few people. They all said how at first they didn’t think it was going to be any fun but ended up having a blast.  This team has been in place for about a year with pretty minimal turn over. One of the newer associates (has been on the team for about 3 months), came and gave me a hug and told me how thankful she was for the event. Since everyone works remote, across the US, this was the first time she was physically meeting everyone on the team. During this event she felt like she made a bond with multiple team members (during the ice breakers and playing ace race). Ellen was a great facilitator who kept the group on task and on time. She made it fun!

Sarah M., Xcenda

Ellen is awesome to work with! Her experience, expertise, and coaching skills will help you see the big picture of what you want to accomplish and how to make it happen. Not only will she help you set goals but she will also hold you accountable to those goals. In a very short time, she has already helped me improve my business operations to make it run more smoothly and thus more profitable. I look forward to an on-going working relationship with her.

Michael B., Michigan Dog Training

Going into the meetings, it was a bit of “What, how?… Will it make a difference?”

After several years, I’d jumped back into the challenge and opportunities of managing a dynamic team with a wide range of personalities.

My own challenge was how to tailor my discussions with each team member to get the best outcome and this was my hope going into the sessions. Prior to starting the coaching, I tried small changes but ultimately I realized I was approaching every problem from how I looked at it, and not my team member.

What started a little disjointed from my side became easier as I quickly came to fully trust Ellen’s coaching.  As we moved forward through the weeks, I found my hour with Ellen to fly by more quickly – talking through scenarios, developing action plans and the all-important follow up from Ellen to hear how things went.

As with all things, you have to put in the work to get the benefits, and I think the preparation and opportunity to walk through different issues in a safe space really helped me realize I already had the answers… I just needed to think more about what each team member needed and apply things a little differently in each case.

While I know I can’t change who I am, I’m now a lot more assured in approaching different situations using some of the tools I used during my coaching sessions.

I thoroughly recommend taking the opportunity to work with Ellen, be prepared for some home truths, thought provoking conversations and a lot of fun!

Steve H., Ciranda

During our team workshop, we learned about each other’s hard wiring which helped us understand how to better deal with each other … I enjoyed the brainstorming session for problem solving and realizing more about myself … The brainstorming session on problem solving was great and provided more insight about myself.

Employee, Omak

My girlfriends and I are always looking for out-of-the-box activities to do together. When I saw Patnaude Coaching’s promotion for goat yoga last summer, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to participate in this unique experience. Three of us headed out to the farm together to enjoy a relaxing morning of goat yoga followed by farm to table brunch. What we thought would just be something fun to do ended up being something we will never forget, and still talk about to this day. We had so much fun with the baby goats, but what we enjoyed the most was the chance to reconnect in great conversation over an incredible breakfast and mimosa spread. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is interested, whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or not. There’s something to be said about enjoying a relaxing morning on the farm with your closest friends, and making new ones along the way. Thank you so much to Ellen, Dani and team for your incredible hospitality!

Brianna M., Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce

Working with Ellen as an Executive Coach is beneficial to my development as a leader. She truly listens and asks the right questions to guide introspection and help me dig below the surface on issues.  She works with me to develop next steps and holds me accountable to following through to get things done. The skills she brings to the table go beyond coaching, she genuinely cares about my professional well-being and that is always clear in our interactions.

Leanne P., Rowe Professional Services

Ellen is awesome with communicating, by asking the right questions that has lead to many A Ha moments! She has helped me with setting goals which has directly caused an increase in sales and morale. Our weekly sessions can be categorized as must see tv and I would be lost if I was to ever miss an episode. I look forward to a long, ongoing working relationship with her.

Redic G., MJR Consulting

Ellen is a born teacher and communicates in a clear and positive manner easily understood by those she works with.  I also enjoy her sense of humor which adds to the whole experience. My company SunOpta Inc. engaged Ellen to conduct four leadership training sessions for our manufacturing facilities.  Employees participating in the sessions found them to be valuable time spent. We are continuing to use her for further leadership development for our teams.

Last fall, I was preparing for a team presentation and had several one-to-one coaching sessions with Ellen.  Her approach is to guide the individual to talk through, think and come up with the solutions while at the same time providing direction.  I found the sessions to be extremely helpful and I felt confident delivering the material/information to my team during the six-hour session.

I highly recommend Ellen and would not hesitate to work with her again.

Karen M., SunOpta

Thanks so much for hosting the event.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and there is much to be learned from our animal brethren!  You, Dani and the rest of the team did a great job.

Last fall, I was preparing for a team presentation and had several one-to-one coaching sessions with Ellen.  Her approach is to guide the individual to talk through, think and come up with the solutions while at the same time providing direction.  I found the sessions to be extremely helpful and I felt confident delivering the material/information to my team during the six-hour session.

I highly recommend Ellen and would not hesitate to work with her again.

Darren M., McDunnough, Inc

On behalf of the whole HCV Performance and Execution team, I want to thank you for the program you put together and facilitated for us at the Boys and Girls Club of Highland Park.  Every aspect of our time together was enlightening and engaging – and quite a bit of fun!  You enabled us to learn so much more about us as a team, pushed our boundaries a bit but kept us (mostly) comfortable in doing so, and provided a forum in which we had the most amazing experience with the children. 

Your facilitation skills and personable approach were very effective in delivering this program.  You took the positive experience you gave us last year with Build-A-Bike to new and even more meaningful levels.  Based on the feedback I have already heard – and my own reactions – I am confident that every one of us that participated (children included) walked away with a better sense of the value of our diversity and the comfort of our similarities.

Thank you again for all your efforts to deliver this program – and I suspect we will be contacting you for future “facilitation” needs.  (I am definitely intrigued by your “equine” training program!) 

Lisa H., VP, HCV Performance and Execution, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Ellen is an excellent trainer who uses her enthusiasm, energy and wit to captivate her audience. I observed her in small groups and worked with her at very large events. She always delivered what the client was seeking when we were hired. In addition to her talent as a trainer / facilitator, she is also very creative and frequently found elegant solutions to thorny problems. I highly recommend her and miss working with her.

Rick H., Quality Team Building LLC

Ellen provided valuable advice and direction for our organization during a period of significant growth. Her organizational and leadership skills were critical in helping us to structure and organize our resources to achieve our short and long term goals. Ellen can be counted on to deliver on her commitments.

Gale F., Rebuilding Together Oakland County

Ellen’s ability to put me at ease and create a “no judgement zone” made it very comfortable to be open and honest. My biggest challenge going into coaching was trying to wrap my head around the direction of the company and the best way to handle it. I was coming into a new leadership role, not really understanding what would happen as a result of all the changes.

I didn’t know which direction to go in, and therefore wasn’t organized in how to handle it.

Ellen’s coaching gave me direction and positive energy to help me which allowed me to help my team. One of my biggest insights was that I could put a strategy together that was based on my own hard-wired nature, how to do it differently, and the realization that I was my own worst enemy in that area this whole time. I didn’t have to try to be someone I wasn’t. I could just use my own nature to help me.

Overall, this has been very effective! I’ve made progress on every goal I laid out. There’s always going to be room for growth and progress. I gained the most confidence in stopping and thinking about my audience before I open my mouth, and then putting a question out there and sitting back to be quiet and listen. It’s working!

John L., SunOpta