Reflecting on the Year: Ideas on How To


Welcome to part two of this blog series called Reflecting on the Year: Ideas on How To. Last week, we talked about why reflecting is important. I encouraged you to think about why it’s important to you and what you’d like to get out of it, among other things. Today I’ll share a few questions you can use to get started in the reflection process.

1.      What went really well in the past year?

You know, the victories. The surprise things that worked out better than you thought. The good stuff!

2.      What has not gone as planned this year?

The unexpected. The disappointments. The things that simply didn’t go as intended. Or weren’t intended at all.

3.      Why did these things not go as planned?

The more honest you are with yourself, the better.

4.      What do I want my career/business/life to look like in one year?

Think in terms of areas, not details. What do you want to be evaluating and celebrating in a year?

5.      With whom am I in relationship already and with whom do I want to be in relationship to achieve my goals in the coming year?

People can make us or break us. Think strategically, not emotionally.

6.      What should I be saying “no” to, delegating to others, or simply not doing anymore?

This can be a tough question to answer. It might involve making some lists, clarifying job descriptions, and viewing your own time as valuable. Not always an easy feat.

7.      Based on these reflections, what direction do I choose for the coming year?

Create some goals. How will you measure progress? Use your calendar to help you decide how to spend your time.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Come back next week as we wrap up with looking at what to do with the insights you gain.

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