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Where Did August Go?


When you count up the number of workshops we conducted in the month of August, it doesn’t seem like that many. The number was nine. Even when you add in the number of individual coaching clients we worked with, it doesn’t seem that impressive. That number was five. But when you add up the hours those things took, and include hours of travel involved, suddenly it’s easier to understand how the month got away from us.

We facilitated workshops in five cities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Utah, South Carolina, and Texas. Our coaching sessions took place primarily via Skype, which was good, since most of them were with clients based in Belgium! We enjoyed every single experience, and based on the feedback, we know our clients did, too. And that’s the most important thing.


In addition to all of that, we hosted the first Goat Yoga session of Lapeer County here at Wicked Walnut Farm. We had 19 participants, and everyone had a great time, including the baby goats. We were fortunate to have a baby goat on loan for the day from our good friends over at Runner Creek Farm, so we had four babies on hand. In2Yoga of Lapeer did a fantastic job leading the session, and we’re excited about the ideas brewing for collaborations in 2019.


We are super excited to report that our big pasture fence is completed, and the horses have been enjoying the grass for the past three weeks now! Lily, our mini-mule who thinks of herself as the herd boss and a big horse, is quite sure we’ve made a mistake in putting her back with her fellow minis, and she yells at us regularly about it. But we’ve got her health and well-being as our focus, so she can keep on yelling. The goats also were moved around to enjoy bigger spaces, more grass, and better scenery. The baby goats have discovered a way to wiggle out of their enclosure, so we’ve found them in the minis’ pasture about to be stomped on and wandering in the driveway visiting the neighbors. We’re pretty sure we’ve got them secured now, but not without some frustration! Silly little goats.


On top of all of those things, we are a family business, and it’s a time of kids going back to school, marching band and football games, and cross-country practices and meets. We can certainly never say our lives are dull, boring, uneventful, or empty. We hope you enjoy the pictures, and keep following our adventures!

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