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Dandelions will grow just about anywhere, regardless of soil conditions. They withstand frost and freezes. They tolerate crowding. Its name comes from the French term “dents-de-lion” meaning lion’s teeth, inspired by the shape of its highly recognizable flower and leaves. While dandelions are often seen as pesky weeds here in the US, they are seen as symbols of hope, healing, and resilience in many cultures around the world from Europe to Asia (source). I chose the dandelion to be part of the branding for Patnaude Coaching because of that resilience. Our goal here is to help you thrive wherever you land.

Withdraw or Lean in?

An executive leader recently asked me why some of his managers respond to and interact with him one way, while others respond and interact with him in a completely different way. After asking a few questions, it became clear that he will have to make more intentional efforts to engage the second group of leaders more effectively. Until recently, he’s just been withdrawing from them, unsure of how to achieve the same level of trust that he has with the first group.

Withdrawing, holding back, and tiptoeing around someone is a common strategy when we’re not sure what to do. But that rarely leads to an improvement in the interactions. Instead, we need to lean in more. Ask more questions. Listen more. Seek to understand without judgment. Engage. Be tenacious, like the dandelion. Keep springing back. Keep showing up.

A little bit of shameless self-promotion…

I’m so excited to share the new website and offerings with you. Thank you for being part of my community. I learn so much from my interactions with all of you. You help me continue to grow and learn, and to thrive wherever I land.

Check it all out and let me know what you think!

And if you find any broken links or errors, PLEASE let me know right away. I am imperfect and make mistakes, as I often write about, but I will always take steps to fix them.

Final ask: think about one thing you do to help you thrive wherever you’ve landed. Then drop me a note and tell me about it. I’d love to collect your ideas and share them in a post soon!

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