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There’s a lot of talk about mindset these days. It’s become quite the buzzword. If you search “leadership mindset” on Google, there are a million articles that come up. The opinions and views on what constitutes “the right” leadership mindset are all over the place. I started reflecting on what I think it means. The conclusion I’ve come to thus far? Leadership mindset is simply how to think like a leader.

Yes, but what does that even mean?

Good question. How does a leader think? There is no one answer. Factors influencing how a leader thinks are contextual. What does their situation require? What does their organization and team need? What is the leader’s level of experience? What’s their life experience? Hard-wiring? Personality?

Pretty quickly, we arrive at a huge divergence. So, let’s take it down to the least common denominator.

Reflection. Leaders, regardless of all other context and factors, must be willing and able to stop and reflect on their leadership. Without that, they will never know how to make adjustments and where to improve.

The chain which can never be unlinked.

Leadership is visible to others through behaviors.

Behaviors come from Feelings.

Feelings come from Attitudes.

Attitudes come from Beliefs.

Beliefs come from Thoughts.

To think like a leader, identify thoughts which are hurting you. Those thoughts which create limitations. Challenge them. Are they true?

Identify thoughts which help you succeed. Focus on them. Repeat them. You will grow in your capacity to think like a leader one thought at a time.

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