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I Thought You Knew…


I thought you knew how I wanted that spreadsheet done. I thought you knew what the deadline was. I thought you knew when the meeting was. I thought you knew what I was thinking. I thought you knew I was writing a book…

Wait, What?

It’s true! I’ve written a book. It’s called, “I Thought You Knew… Confessions of a Chronic Assumer (and How You Can Stop Guessing Your Way Through Important Interactions)”. Long subtitle, I know. But I’m hopeful it allows for fewer assumptions for a prospective reader than a shorter subtitle would.

What’s it about?

The book is a collection of stories from my professional life. It draws from three key chapters: working in rural Nicaragua when I was just 24, my work as a community organizer, and the 17+ years since that I’ve spent building LeadQuine. I am uncomfortably candid about the many mistakes I’ve made along the way, and how assumptions in some form played a major role in all of them.

Assumptions are everywhere in our daily communications. Sometimes they’re harmless and sometimes they aren’t. In each chapter, I also share insights I’ve learned the hard way about things that can work to overcome assumptions. Far from a “How To” traditional business book, I hope this book will resonate deeply with your own experiences. I hope you’ll laugh. Oh, and I’m a little sweary in it, just like in real life.

What’s Next?

So now you know! No more assumptions on my part about that. The book is getting so close to being available for pre-sale. It’s set to be released in October. In the coming weeks, you’ll see lots of info from me on how to order your copy, take our custom-designed “Chronic Assumer” quiz, and connect for more opportunities to work on your own assumption habits. Stay tuned!

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