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I am Procrastinating Right Now


I am procrastinating right now. Six tasks have been on my list since Monday which I keep avoiding. Well, in truth, three have been on my list for a month. Two more have been on my list for six months. As usual, I write this from a place of struggling with the very topic I’m writing about. Maybe it will help me gain clarity. I hope it does the same for you.

If I take a moment to look through my list, my eyes keep traveling until I find something I want to do. But what is causing me to pass by those six without stopping? Why do I avoid them?

Do an Honest Evaluation

One task is on my list every week—make the video. I avoid it until I can’t. I have excuses, like I’m not having a good hair day. But the real reason is I’m not sure what I’m going to say until I just turn on the camera. My impetus for doing so is the deadline my VA’s give me.

Three other tasks on the list require an investment of time—workshop preparation. I will have to show up for each of these tasks with patience and a block of time to get them done. I know how to do them. I enjoy the delivery of the workshops very much. But until they are upon me, I will continue to put off the task of preparing them.

The remaining two tasks I keep skipping have very soft deadlines. They aren’t for clients. They are all eventually due or the moment passes to turn them in. But no one is really waiting for me to do them. These are the hardest tasks for me to get done.

What did you Learn?

Like many people, I am at my best under pressure. Give me a deadline, and I’ll run right up against it. The video will get done today because it’s due to my VA’s today. One workshop will get prepared by Friday because it’s happening next Tuesday. The other two will get prepared a few days before they actually happen. And so on.

Those tasks with no hard deadlines? Well, those are really tough for me. I’ve tried the tricks I share with clients.

Set up a time to work on it in your calendar.

Set a timer.

Break it down into smaller chunks.

Delegate any part of it you can.

Or leave it on the list until it stresses you out to the point where you must get it done or risk not sleeping at night.

That last one is probably the route I’ll go.

Procrastinators, unite!! Tell me I’m not alone.

Well, not now. We’ll do it later.

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