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Get a “Taste” of LeadQuine–Meet The Herd


Introducing something most people have never heard of can be challenging business. Asking them to invest substantial money in experiencing it, without really understanding it, is even more challenging. So we’ve developed a way to make that introduction and create some understanding for free.

LeadQuine will host its first “Taster Event” sessions on Friday, April 20, 2018. There will be two sessions to choose from that day—one in the morning from 9:30-11:30 am, and one in the afternoon from 1:00-3:00 pm. Both will be held at Parks Farm in Oxford, just a mile off of M-24 and Oakwood Rd.

The horses of Brookshire Farm LLC, the trainer’s company who works onsite, will be working with us for this workshop. But if you ever make your way to Wicked Walnut Farms, home of LeadQuine, here’s a few members of the herd you can expect to meet. They got us started in this work, and love people!

Duke is our herd boss and the tallest of our horses. He’s an 8-year old gelded Palomino part Arabian horse who leads the pack fairly benevolently. He doesn’t like going anywhere alone, and can often be seen pushing another horse to go out into the further pasture with him for company.



Mocha is never far from Duke’s side. She’s a 10-year old chocolate Racking-Tennessee Walker horse. She and Duke have had a love affair going on since they met two years ago. Mocha is well-trained and tends to mother everyone else.



George is technically a pony, standing around 14 hands high. He’s a 6-year old gelded Appaloosa horse with a very mild and sweet disposition. He’s the calmest member of our herd to be sure.




Lily is a crowd-pleasing chocolate mini-mule, and thinks she ought to be in charge of the herd. Her small stature does not deter her from trying to co-lead with Duke and trying to keep everyone else in line. As a cross between a mini-horse and a mini-donkey, she’s got characteristics of both and a unique bray-neigh that is adorable.



Daisy is the shyest member of the group, and is a mini-donkey. She’s the mother of two of our other herd members, and is 11-years old. She has a very different disposition than the horses because she’s a donkey. She helps remind us of the diversity of our teams at work.




We’ll be breaking ground on our outdoor arena this spring (if Mother Nature cooperates…), and will be welcoming clients and visitors to the farm starting this summer. As for our upcoming Taster Event, don’t miss it! If you’re ready to sign up now, registration is limited in both sessions, so follow this link to choose the session time best for you, and reserve your spot today.

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