Genuine Gratitude


I’m not one for the traditional gratitude posts. It’s not that I don’t feel or practice gratitude. More that I want to do it a little more privately than what gets splashed across social media. That’s just me. I’d rather express my gratitude for people to them directly. And this year is no exception, but there’s a twist. I’m here to express my genuine gratitude for all of you.

Caught off guard

Either at a networking event, visiting a local client company, or sometimes just out in public, it happens. I’m caught off guard by the number of people who tell me something they’ve enjoyed about a recent newsletter. Or they tell me that even though they may not email me, they want me to know that they read every newsletter.

It catches me off guard because I spent so many years writing into the void. I rarely, if ever, got feedback in those days. Granted, I wrote inconsistently, and I didn’t have much of a platform. But still. To have so many people tell me that my words are having an impact catches me off guard.

Deeply humbled

I’m also deeply humbled by those same comments. I’m even more humbled by the number of people who email me back from reading these newsletters. They share how they’ve been impacted. They share their own experiences. They share a different perspective on the topic. They just thank me for my perspective.

They are You.

In this season of gratitude, I’ll continue to express my gratitude privately where it’s about one person or a small group. And today, I’m here to express it broadly to all of you.

For reading.

For responding.

For letting me know in small ways and big ones that you see me. You hear me. And something resonates with you. Because we’re living a common human experience.

I appreciate every single comment and response. I appreciate that you’re reading even if you don’t reply. I appreciate that you find my words helpful, at least sometimes.

I appreciate You.

Thank you.

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