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Farm Update–Moving Forward


LeadQuine strives to add value to your professional life through articles, ideas, and challenges shared to provoke reflection and behavior change. We go for the unconventional around here–from offering non-traditional workshop experiences unlike anything you’ve experienced before, to being a non-traditional blended family running this whole operation, we like “different”.

So along those lines, this week’s post is non-traditional, too.

We are human, fallible, mistake-making people. Just like you. Sometimes we get it really right, and sometimes we don’t. We fall into the same traps many of our clients ask us for help solving. And we aren’t afraid to admit it. If we were, not only would that be untruthful, but we think it makes us more confident when we offer suggestions and guidance. We are more confident because we know this stuff works. How? Because we are imperfect and don’t always do what we’re supposed to do, too, so we know the ideas we offer up work because we use them, too.

Time management is a bear. It’s one we wrestle around here all the time. There just simply aren’t enough hours in the day on most days to get to everything we’d like to get done. Ain’t that the truth? We had a long list of projects for this weekend, and they didn’t all get done, including a big one.

What do we do now?

We keep going. We give ourselves permission to forgo the mental whipping, and realize tomorrow is a new day. We will get there. None of what we did this weekend was wasteful; it just wasn’t all part of our original “to-do list” for the weekend. There were nine tasks on the list. We got six finished, two started, and only one not done at all. Granted, the one untouched task is a big one.

Today is a new day. While the weekdays are scheduled out with client work, next weekend is another great opportunity to tackle that big project. And having felt (once again) the pains of battling time management challenges, we feel supremely qualified to keep going in our quest to help you wrestle your workplace demons as well. Carry on, friends. And remember…

Shoot for the stars, and drag your feet in the trees!

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