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AcuMax Index: Your Hard-What??


Ever find yourself in a position where someone else wants you to consistently make decisions, deal with pressure, or accept ideas in a way that just feels completely counter-intuitive? Or is it just me?

The AcuMax Index is a tool which measures exactly these things about us, and more. Unlike tools assessing our behavior and personality, which change over time, the science behind the AcuMax Index allows us to have a look at how people accept ideas, deal with pressure, make decisions, and deal with risk.

Turns out, when we understand these things about ourselves better, it allows us to have more awareness of how we are motivated, and how we’re not. Knowing our natural tendencies and preferences about how to process information and thought can make the difference between communicating effectively with colleagues, and unintentionally creating misunderstandings that tend to get out of hand quickly in the work place.

Think back to when you were 18-years old. How did you act and react to the world around you then? How about at age 25? Age 40? Are there any differences? If I were to behave now as I did when I was 18, not only would my company go under, but I would lose friends, and opportunities.

Our hard-wiring is something that’s formed when we are toddlers, and doesn’t change over the course of our lifetimes. What does change is our ability to manage our wiring; learning to adapt, gaining wisdom, growing in confidence, and navigating relationships with others. But fundamentally, how we accept ideas, how we process thought, how much pressure we can accept without breaking, and how we make decisions—these things do not change. They are part of our hard-wiring.

Perspective, confidence, being more (or less) outgoing, making intentional efforts… these are all great examples of how to manage that wiring through intentional choice and free will. But underneath it all, if you’re a High A, you’re still going to like your own ideas best.

The AcuMax Index is a wonderful tool designed to bring great insights to teams of all sizes and backgrounds. We use it as part of our LeadQuine programs, whether in the classroom or in the arena with the horses. We’d love to talk to you more about how it can be a game-changer for your team.

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