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5 Reasons to try Unconventional Experiences with Your Team


Trying new things is an important part of life. Think about all the foods you adamantly refused to eat as a child, but now may be among your favorites. Or how an experience you had yet to have may have terrified you, but once you were (possibly) forced to try it, you found you actually really enjoyed it.

So why not take the same approach when it comes to seeking out leadership development and team strengthening opportunities for your team?

There are a ton of choices out there in the field, and sometimes companies tell us they have a hard time discerning who is legit, or what their team will enjoy, and so they end up making the “safe” choices.


Here are five reasons your team should try an unconventional, experiential professional development day:

1. Unconventional = no one has done this before.

We’ve heard it often—“We’ve done it all. All the team building stuff—cooked meals together, gone golfing, fed the homeless.” Well, we have yet to find anyone who comes to our programs say they’ve done THIS before. So it’s new, it captivates attention and imagination, and it creates a mindset immediately with the group which opens them up to possibilities.

2. Experiential = more active engagement.

When team members are placed in a situation where they must figure out how to accomplish tasks together, and work with a horse in the middle of it, it creates an experience of truly active engagement. That doesn’t mean we don’t sit down and process the experiences between activities, but we lead with the experience itself. It’s truly the best teacher.

3. Professional = well, professional.

At all levels. The programs are run by professional facilitators who are trained and experienced. The content of every workshop’s activities is designed to address the challenges and opportunities of the professional work place. This isn’t therapy. We aren’t here to “fix” people. We are here to show you what’s possible that you may not have been able to see on your own.

4. Development = everyone walks away with new insights.

If there were little light bulbs that appeared over everyone’s heads each time they had an insight into their own communication or leadership skills, or those of a team member, we could illuminate our arena on the darkest night. These workshops are about creating moments of clarity and understanding that lead to real changes in a team’s dynamics and ability to work successfully together.

5. Day = a chance to get away from the office for a day together.

There’s something about getting out of the office, dressing down in jeans and boots, and spending a day with animals who have so much to show us about how we move around in the world. When groups arrive, the collective deep breath and exhaling that takes place are visible. There’s a letting go of all the other stuff from the office that creates the ability to take some time and focus on your team and its dynamics. Without distraction, without interruption, and without having to rush to the next meeting.

So come to the farm. Try something unconventional, experiential, professional, focused on your development, that only takes a day. We promise you’ll never forget it.

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