I Thought You Knew…

Ellen Patnaude, Patnaude Coaching

I Thought You Knew…

Confessions of a Chronic Assumer

(And How You Can Stop Guessing Your Way Through Important Interactions)

Ellen Patnaude, an Executive and Communication Coach with more than two decades of experience, reveals her insights about how and why we project our own fears and beliefs onto others. She candidly shares the mistakes she’s made in her career and life, and offers simple, clear ideas on how to have the hard conversations that lead to more effective everyday interactions.


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I Thought You Knew...
Goody Business Book Awards Nomination

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From the Readers of “I Thought You Knew”

It may sound like an unusual compliment for a business book, but this is a beautiful, insightful piece of work. I typically speed through the “stories” in business books to get to the meat of the point. But in this book the stories grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. Ellen bravely and powerfully shares lessons she learned the hard way. Then she tops it off with solid advice for improving your communication skills and ultimately, business and personal relationships. Be ready with your highlighter and pen to make this a well-worn resource.
Mary K., Business Owner
In these extraordinary times, we need truth tellers, people who can hold their actions up to the microscope and analyze the moving parts, identify the disease and help eradicate it. In the field of coaching Ellen has been both student and teacher. The lessons she imports from her years working as a community organizer and honing her craft as a coach, and in her everyday life, give her readers relatable examples while giving us the tools and courage to embrace ourselves, right or wrong, learn from it, and use it to make our world a better place.
Rebecca G., Humanist & Environmentalist
Everyone needs to read this book! After reading it, I realized how I constantly ‘assume’ things about people and situations, and often incorrectly, in my daily life. Whether it be business or personal, I have learned many valuable and practical ideas and suggestions about how to step back and take the time to see the other person’s perspective. The Introduction of the book hit me square in the face “Unmet expectations are almost always the result of assumptions.
Karen M., Business Owner
In 2022 a book about assumptions acts as a lighthouse to a better perspective on other people and their intensions. Ellen’s vulnerability and insight as the lighthouse keeper guides the reader to a better place. This book is a must read for anyone who works, plays, communicates, or lives with other people…which is you, you need to read this book.
Eric H., Director of Brand Strategy & Social Media

Does Your Group Need to Learn More About Assumptions?

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Ellen Patnaude has been speaking to groups for more than two decades, ranging in size from 25 up to 1,500. Her down-to-earth style makes her relatable and approachable, and leaves audiences confident they can actually do something differently as a result of what they’ve learned.

Does your group need to learn more about assumptions?

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