Patnaude Coaching

For Teams

Taking Blinders Off Your Team

Why do people do What they do, the Way they do it? Each member of your team has preferred ways of communicating, making decisions, accepting new ideas (or not), and processing information. With just two questions, we can help you unlock the secrets to how your group is hard-wired to succeed.

Think, Speak and Act like aTeam

Each of us has our own approach to leadership. Sometimes, it’s useful to get everyone into the same boat, rowing in the same direction. We’ll tackle the foundations of effective team culture, including mindset, giving feedback, meeting culture, controlling your calendar, and much more.

Applied Emotional Intelligence

Great teams consist of great people applying the six core principles of emotional intelligence to their everyday interactions. You will discover new ways to better connect, influence, and inspire each other, as well as those you lead, to drive higher performance and employee engagement.

Present Your Best

Do your presentations always hit the mark? Are you as clear & concise as you can be? Do you dread making presentations? Present Your Best is designed to help both the presenter and the presentation become more effective, concise, and confident. Whether you present online or in-person, these proven techniques will help you hit the mark.

Learning from the Horses

An unconventional and unforgettable experiential learning opportunity for teams of 5-12 people. By pairing humans with horses for a variety of facilitated groundwork activities, participants gain clear, immediate insights into which of their practices are effective, and which ones are not.

Custom-Designed Experience

Don’t quite see something “off the shelf” that matches what you’re seeking? Talk to us. All of the courses you see came to be because someone described what they needed. We’re confident we can do the same for you. And if we can’t, we’ll tell you that, too.