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Learning from the Horses

Advancing Human Interactions with the help of Horses

Learning from the Horses

Advancing Human Interactions with the help of Horses

An unconventional and unforgettable experiential learning opportunity for individuals or teams. By pairing humans with horses for a variety of facilitated activities, participants gain clear, immediate insights into which of their practices are effective, and which ones are not.

Feel your confidence and leadership grow in the course of the day. This is not therapy—we are not mental health professionals. There is no riding involved—only groundwork. The therapeutic benefits come from spending time with these gentle creatures who don’t care what your title is; they care how you lead them. Come immerse yourself in this amazing experience and see for yourself.

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What does it mean to Learn from the Horses?

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Learning from the Horses—At A Unique Location

Team dynamics can be one of the greatest challenges, or greatest assets, of the work place. Regardless of your business, your mission, or how many meetings you have, if the members of the team struggle to coalesce, every day work situations can be an uphill battle.

Equine Guided Learning is exactly what it sounds like—teams participating in experiential learning activities with horses. There is no riding involved, only ground work. Each activity provides participants with an opportunity to learn by doing, and gain instant, clear feedback from the horses about what is effective, and what isn’t.

Whether your team is seeking a day designed to address the challenges you face, or you want to get out of the office for a unique and powerful team experience, LeadQuine will custom design a program to meet your specific needs.

Benefits are both personal and at the team level. Individuals can expect an experience of personal growth enhancing several areas, including:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • A better understanding of the power of shared leadership
  • Improvement in awareness, both of self and others
  • Understanding of flexible leadership approaches to suit diverse situations
  • Greater ability to lead in uncertain situations

There are also benefits for the team as a whole, including improved understanding of each of the following:

  • Importance of clearly defined goals and challenges
  • Benefits of authentic communication
  • Deeper trust and respect of self and other team members
  • Effective conflict management
  • Increased cooperation during uncertainty
  • Understand the importance of clear roles and responsibilities
  • Paying attention to environment, team and self to access impact on task

We use horses to do this work because they are herd animals, which means they are naturally used to team dynamics. They establish clear roles within the herd, follow direction from the established leader, and also must step up to lead themselves when another leader is missing. They don’t engage in politics, and operate 100% on instinct. Horses can feel our hearts beating. It is one of the many ways they are constantly assessing their environment for danger, opportunity, and risk that must be managed for their survival. The feedback they give through body language and actions is clear and not influenced by many of the factors that can clutter up human feedback. This allows for us to have more immediate and powerful breakthroughs about our own leadership and choices.

Every program includes a pre-workshop AcuMax Index® survey for each participant, each participant’s personal results emailed ahead of the workshop whenever possible, and the opportunity to create an Action Plan. The AcuMax Index® results will be discussed in the context of the workshop experience, connecting the two. If you choose to create an Action Plan, we will help you do so in the course of the workshop and have an electronic copy sent to you afterwards. Customized follow up options are available for support in implementing the Action Plan, as well as in using the AcuMax Index® in your workplace.

Learning from the Horses workshops are available in partnership with select locations.

Experience what horses can teach us about how to advance our human interactions.

Hear Real Feedback from Real Clients

From Fortune 100 companies to small business owners

"It's been very effective. It's taken me out of my comfort zone, and had me doing some things that I thought I would never do. I'm also learning things at the same time."
Bill Klemm
Director of Operations for Melling Corporation

"I discovered some things about myself and how I interact in the workplace. In just a few minutes, there was so much to take home. I'm very fortunate that I came to this training."
Oana Livia Popa
Team Manager

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