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Ellen E. Patnaude

Ellen Patnaude has always been fascinated by how a person’s nature and nurture combined causes them to interact with the people around them. She is a Detroit native and graduated from Alma College with a BA in Biology & French. She thought she wanted to be Jacques Cousteau, but her first few science-based jobs pointed clearly towards working with people. She worked for several years as a community organizer in Indiana and Ohio. Returning to Michigan in 2005, her reputation followed her for challenging people to see and be a better version of themselves, and the phone started ringing. Since then, Ellen has built an internationally recognized company supporting individuals and teams in improving everyday important interactions.


Ellen Patnaude - LeadQuine

She recently published a new book, “I Thought You Knew… Confessions of a Chronic Assumer (and How to Stop Guessing your way through Important Interactions)”, available through your favorite online bookseller or on our book page.

Ellen is a credentialed PCC-level Executive Coach (from the International Coach Federation (ICF), and certified in multiple assessment tools, including the AcuMax Index®, MRG’s Leadership Effectiveness Analysis LEA360® and Leadership Culture® assessments, Genos International’s Emotional Intelligence toolkit, and Equine-Guided Learning practices from Innovative Horizons.

Ellen lives in mid-Michigan with her wife, Dani, at least one and as many as three teenagers at any given time, three cats, and a dog with way too much energy.

About LeadQuine

We help leadership teams gain confidence through practical techniques they can apply immediately to the next conversation or interaction. Our primary areas of focus include communication and accountability skills. Our clients achieve success through the work they do in programs for teams and individuals.

LeadQuine is a Woman-owned, LGBTQ+-owned small business founded in 2005 by CEO, Ellen Patnaude.

What sets LeadQuine apart?

While our strategies are rooted in solid leadership theory, our focus in every session is on practical application. The AcuMax Index® simple survey is central to most of our work with teams, giving them astonishing insights into why they do what they do the way they do it, both on an individual level and team dynamic level.

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LeadQuine LEA MRG Assessments and Goals
Certified practitioner Genos
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From Fortune 100 companies to small business owners
I am not someone who usually participates in workshops and found myself doing so more that normal. I found value in seeing how others on the team process information and how to best address situations going forward.
For the past 15 years, I followed many professional trainings to raise my skills and performance at work. This increased my confidence, built my work-capacity and self-awareness to work effectively in teams. In just 6 months of coaching with Ellen, I moved one step further. I feel like Ellen helped free the potential in me. Ellen empowered me to find my inner strength. Coaching takes you to a deeper level of learning & definitely boosts motivation.
Claire D.
Ellen is very passionate and knowledgeable about teaching leadership and team building. Hers is a unique and out of the box approach that allows the teachings to stay with you, long after the sessions are over. Highly recommended!
Brian B.
Bundeson Real Estate Team
What I love about working with Ellen Patnaude as a business coach is her ability to shine a light on unseen obstacles to action and bring clarity. She is an inspiring, energizing speaker, talented trainer and consultant who gives her all to her clients. I highly recommend Ellen as a partner to help bring about the growth you want to see in your business.
Jayne B.
Marketing Monsoon
Working with Ellen as an Executive Coach is beneficial to my development as a leader. She truly listens and asks the right questions to guide introspection and help me dig below the surface on issues. She works with me to develop next steps and holds me accountable to following through to get things done. The skills she brings to the table go beyond coaching, she genuinely cares about my professional well-being and that is always clear in our interactions.
Leanne Panduren
Rowe Professional Services
During our team workshop, we learned about each other’s hard wiring which helped us understand how to better deal with each other … I enjoyed the brainstorming session for problem solving and realizing more about myself … The brainstorming session on problem solving was great and provided more insight about myself.
Omak Employees

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