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Unmet expectations are frustrating, and almost always the result of assumptions. For many of us, making assumptions is so pervasive that we don’t even recognize it in our daily lives.

We may assume…
…people will ask for what they need.
…we can’t ask too many questions.
…we already know the answer.

We get moving so fast to meet deadlines that we don’t usually take the time to test those assumptions and really engage with others. That can lead to more frustration, not to mention a loss of effectiveness.

I’m here to help with that.

Here’s the basic process:
Step 1: Assess + Understand the Challenges using a simple assessment

Step 2: Reframe with the Right Support in the form of coaching, either for the team, for the leader, or for both

Step 3: Implement, Evaluate, Repeat

Poke around on the website to learn more about how I work with people. If your interest is peaked, request a discovery call with me so we can both learn more.

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